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Value Proposition

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to provide trusted, innovative & best-of-breed blockchain solutions through service excellence.

Brand Value Statements

  • We strive for an open collaborative community with good governance.
  • We offer innovative products & solutions that are beneficial to all $TN hodlers.
  • We provide an open, trusted, secure & distributed Blockchain network for everyone.
  • We encourage open development and provide opportunity through technology.

Value Proposition;

  • Network is decentralized
  • Decentralized Exchange, orders execute peer-to-peer (p2p).
  • Fast & Secure: With the adoption of the Waves-NG protocol, the Turtle Network has transaction speeds of over 100 transactions per second (tps), Mass Transfers closer to 400 transactions per second (tps). Transactions and trades occur within seconds, all verified within 1 minute.
  • Network Security: Turtle Network secures its network through mining with a stake leasing protocol called LPOS (Leased Proof of Stake). LPOS is an energy-efficient type of mining which means that minimal electricity consumption is required to secure the blockchain.
  • Network governance: Node owners vote to activate new features on the network, voting is weighted on the amount of TN leased to the node pool. The LPOS (Fair POS) protocol allows nodes with more TN leased to the pool, a bigger opportunity to mine or validate blocks on the network.
  • Secure Wallet & Funds: Strong security, 15 SEED words secure wallet with password.
  • Passive Rewards: Any amount of TurtleNetwork ($TN) can be leased to a Pool. This makes it possible for smaller stakeholders to combine forces and help secure the network while earning block rewards in $TN, stake any amount of $TN, funds remain in the wallet.
  • Easy Token Creation: Tokens can be created quickly & easily within the decentralized wallet. The newly minted token is also immediately tradeable on the Turtle Decentralized Exchange (DEX).
  • Asset Ticker Assignment: Basic security checks & KYC required for Tickers on the Turtle Network, to minimize scams or bad actors.
  • Based on Waves Platform technology, Particle Network with many inherited elements and benefits.
  • BlackTurtle Advisors contributing towards open collaborative discussions & decisions, drive initiatives & improvements within the brand ‘BlackTurtle’.
  • Good governance: Allow the community to be actively involved in binding decisions through blockchain voting (secure, transparent & fair).
  • Open development environment, open sourced code.
  • Gateways: numerous supported Gateways.
  • ICO Due Diligence (IDD): service framework for ICO risk management.
  • Striving towards total decentralization of the Network with no reliance on central entities.