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Description: TurtleNodeBot notification service for the Waves Platform, on Telegram.
Summary@TurtleNodeBot on the Telegram mobile/web application.

Standard Functions;
– Show trades (free function)
– Show transactions (free function)
– Show balances (free function).

Premium Functions;
– Setting price notifications for Waves DEX, Bittrex, Tidex
– Claim tokens from built-in faucet
– Outgoing tx notifications
– Cancel lease notifications
– All functions noted below including the Standard functions.

Premium Listing Process;

1: 10k TurtleNode (TN) required in Wallet.
2: Open a Telegram chat with @TurtleNodeBot
3: type ‘/notify help’ in the bot chat & follow the help text (see below)

To get registered please use the command /chatid. This will tell your ‘id‘.
Make a transaction with 1 $TN towards 3PQjMPKiRBim5tBGigzJmWko6tfRRtpi63W with your ‘id‘ as an attachment.
U will be added to the system. If u are not sure feel free to contact BlackTurtle.
If u are added to the system and u hold 10k TurtleNode you can add price notifications.
If u have tips and suggestions always feel free to share.
When not having 10k $TN (TurtleNode) the bot will give an error in the end.

New Functions;
May 2018:
– Track Addresses on the Turtle Network.
– TN faucet added for Turtle Network, Show command now shows Turtle Network addresses. New algorithm implemented for TurtleNodeBot, it scans each block for transactions, this making it independent from waves datafeed.
– The faucet will improve tx in the network. Every premium holder can use this faucet, if they don’t have a tn wallet , the tx wll happen to itself, if they do have one, the tx will be send to the added TN wallet.
June 2018:
– Spam filter applied using WavesDesk filter api, 3 markets added to VIP.
– TurtleNodeBot accepted TurtleNetwork premium users.
– Registration for Waves premium members goes smoother now.
– Solved claim bug for TurtleNetwork faucet.
– Solved show bug for TN premium users.
– Added – show prices in Waves and BTC for TN using /tn command.
– Added – show indicators like TN premium and regular users when using /tn command.

List of Bot commands;
/show – Show all added addresses
/add – Add an address/alias to the wallet notification list
/del – Delete an address/alias from the wallet notification list
/tn – Get information about $TN
/assets – Show all assets listed in the bot
/balance – Calculate the value from an address/alias
/notify – Create a price notification for the DEX
/tdx – Create a price notification for Tidex
/bit – Create a price notification for Bittrex
/bin – Create a price notification for Binance
/vip – Create a price notification for Bitcoin VIP
/claim – Claim from built in faucet
/youtube – Get youtube channel
/chatid – Get chatid