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TurtleNode (TN) Token

TurtleNode (TN) – Token Details;

History of $TN Token :
Note: 2 names=same asset: TurtleNode (TN) on Waves and TurtleNetwork (TN) on Turtle Network.
Token was originally created on the Waves platform and called TurtleNode (TN), Waves code was forked and used TurtleNetwork (TN) as the underlying asset on the Turtle Network and Turtle DEX. Gateway setup to transfer $TN between Waves Platform and Turtle Network ( & Asset quantity issued remains 100,000,000 TN.

Token name: TurtleNode
Symbol: TN
Decimals: 2 (Waves Network), 8 (Turtle Network)
Total Supply: Fixed amount of 100 million.
Re-issuable: no
Asset ID: HxQSdHu1X4ZVXmJs232M6KfZi78FseeWaEXJczY6UxJ3
Issued by: TurtleNode (BlackTurtle)
Platform: Created on the Waves Platform with the name TurtleNode (TN), base token on the Turtle Network with the name TurtleNetwork (TN).
Token Utility: as additional financial incentive to lessors to fuel services and tools in development.
Crowdfund Distribution: 90% Fund raising, 2% for the founder, 8% Community Appreciation funds;