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Turtle Network Ticker Assignment

Ticker Assignment on the Turtle Network DEX & Mobile App.

Details: Verification required to receive an official Ticker/Symbol for the Asset, allowing easy search by asset name in the DEX and Mobile App. Tickers are also required for assets when submitting to external exchanges & services.

Note: New Ticker Assignment page link:

NOTE: Asset Issuer can only submit details.
NOTE: Only Official domain names accepted (e.g. with Official email address (e.g., no free domains or free email addresses accepted during verification.
NOTE: Asset or Ticker with ‘TN’ included in the name, only reserved for Official TN related projects & will NOT be accepted during ticker verification. That also includes any BlackTurtle related branding (TurtleNode, TurtleNetwork, BlackTurtleNode, TurtleNodeBot, TNTippingBot, Turtle) etc.
NOTE: Ticker needs to be unique & not listed on &

Requirements (Checks by Submitter);

  • Website contains team details (required)
  • Website contains token information (required)
  • Website contains substantial project information (required)
  • Ticker not listed on (required)
  • Ticker not listed on (required)
  • Internal Competition Verified badge (recommended, required to start the process with only & badge not required for a ticker, no cost for badge) – Note: Reviews the project’s unique selling point ‘USP’ & internal competitive analysis details. (Process under review)

1: Complete above Requirements in full prior to submitting the form.
2: Submit the form below.
3: Once the form is submitted, one of the BlackTurtle advisors will make contact via Telegram to manually verify Telegram username.
4: After Telegram verification, BlackTurtle Advisors will vote, discuss & ask any queries within a 72 hours window on application, =>75% success vote required.
5: On successful vote: basic KYC will be requested via Telegram, verify Personal Mobile Number & Email using the mobile app.
Note: Please allow for 7-10 days for Ticker assignment.

Disclaimer: policies are subject to change.

Note: New Ticker Assignment page link: