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ICO Due Diligence – Register Interest

ICO Due Diligence (IDD), register interest.

Note: Before proceeding with IDD please ensure that you have already completed our Ticker Assignment form.

IDD Fee includes;
– Framework used will provide one (1) self score report as well as two (2) risk assessment score reports from the Advisors.
– Public survey form setup.
– Web page setup on inclusive of: Logo, Summary of ICO, IDD Score reports by BlackTurtle Advisors, Survey Form for the community to analyze ICO and generate a score & collect complete analysis report showing full output of all reviews, publishing report.
– 4x Promoted Tweets, during ICO, on
– 4x Promoted posts, during ICO, on Telegram news channel

Service notes;
Note: Estimated deadline to complete IDD reports by advisors: 14 business days.
Note: Timeline for above: Website publication to be launched at minimum 1 week prior ICO start date, website remains online for a maximum period of 30 days after ICO completion by any means.
Note: 1% ICO token AirDropped to active $TN holders to be distributed within 4 business days after all ICO investors have received their tokens.
Note: 0.25% ICO token AirDropped to BlackTurtle Advisors to be distributed within 4 business days after all active $TN holders receive their tokens.
Note: 10 000 TN fee: paid to, (80% paid to 2 BlackTurtle Advisors doing the work).

Procedure Steps;
1: Fill out and submit request form below, within 4 days you will receive a reply with further instructions.
2: Once applicant’s request form is processed an official Advisor from BlackTurtle will make contact via Telegram to manually verify the applicant’s Telegram username account.
3: After Telegram verification, BlackTurtle Advisors will vote within a 48 hour window on application, =>85% success vote required to start. (Note: Cannot refund ear-marked 1.25% of Airdrop tokens post this.)
4: On successful vote: full KYC will be requested via Telegram, verify Personal Mobile Number, Email using the mobile app, Passport & Passport/photo selfie.
5: Post KYC, Due Diligence form will be sent via Telegram & process will start, allow for 14 days to complete IDD by Advisors which excludes client data gathering.
6: All information gathered and presented to BlackTurtle Advisors for final vote on making data publicly available or not. BlackTurtle Advisors will vote within a 48 hour window on application, =>85% success vote required to publish.

Supply Business Email address (official domain):
Official website details, official domain required
Insert Telegram username above, a manual verification request will be sent post form submission
5 line summary with details about the ICO
Insert URL to WhitePaper
Logo to be used on the personal ICO page on
Note: 1.25% of tokens held in escrow with Mr Turtle (1% tokens will be Airdropped to active TN holders (above >500TN) & AirDrop 0.25% to BlackTurtle Council members)
Note: Fee will be used to cover costs of Advisors