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Gateway Services

The Turtle Network utilizes Gateways for external token’s/coins to bi-directionally transfer to the network, in a seamless, quick and low-cost manner.

A token is created on the Turtle Network with a 1:1 backing of the actual token (e.g. BTC-tBTC). A custom Gateway  is created with easy instructions to deposit or withdraw tokens from the network (e.g. Utilizing the Wallet the token can be instantly traded on the Turtle DEX with any other pair on the Turtle Network.

1: Token instantly trade able on the TN Decentralized Exchange (DEX).
2: Tipping via TNTippinBot, allows easy & quick token transfer in Telegram groups.
3: Low cost setup and transactions.
4: As we are on the forefront of technology, TurtleNetwork is flexible by nature & Terms & Costing are negotiable.

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