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Description: Pool running on the Waves Platform.
Rewards: 85% of rewards [WAVES & MinersReward(MRT)], including a bonus of 4 TurtleNode (TN)/block, are distributed once per week and paid-out proportionally to staked amount of WAVES.
Total Waves Leased to Pool: 6375777.74079772

BlackTurtleNode Details;
Join our pool by leasing your Waves to this address & earn weekly rewards;

  • Lease address: 3PA1KvFfq9VuJjg45p2ytGgaNjrgnLSgf4r
  • Lease Alias: blackturtle

What is the Waves Leasing Pool?

  • Waves secures its network with a stake leasing protocol.
  • Every node that has a balance of greater than 10,000 Waves has a chance to produce a block.
  • Nodes who have fewer than 10,000 Waves can lease those Waves to a pool. This makes it possible for smaller stakeholders to combine forces and help secure the Waves network.
  • Note: Because the Waves you lease do not leave your wallet, leasing is completely safe, and you may discontinue leasing at any time.