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BlackTurtle Advisors Definition;
Supporting an open, trustworthy, fair & decentralized manner, the Advisors are a trusted group of talented actively involved individuals that represent the brand ‘BlackTurtle’. The Advisors support open collaborative discussions & decisions, drive initiatives & improvements within. Never allow, participate or encourage hate speech or disrespectful behavior.
The Advisors will operate across the whole Brand ‘BlackTurtle’, from across the globe and with a vested interest in the success of the Brand “BlackTurtle’ and all services within.

BlackTurtle Advisors Members Role;
• Active involvement & collaboration
• Testing (assist with testing & verification of services)
• Service improvement (assist with driving initiatives & improvements)
• Dedicated primary role and other secondary/tertiary roles (splitting workload to achieve results quicker, work to people’s abilities, no single point-of-failure, achieve success)