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History of the BlackTurtle Brand

The humble beginnings of the Turtle started with the Founder, Bram Nagtegals, a twenty-something skilled coder. Bram initially managed a node on the Waves Platform called ‘BlackTurtleNode’ then created the ‘TurtleNode (TN) token’ on Waves Platform. Determination led to the creation of the ‘TurtleNodeBot’ notification service. A successful crowdfund was then held early 2018 to build value around TurtleNode services. Foresight and the need for building knowledge, experience & value-added services, led to the creation of the ‘Turtle Network’ mid April 2018. BlackTurtle Advisors were introduced and as services expanded, re-branding to BlackTurtle occurred and alignment of service offerings completed, hence an updated WhitePaper 2.0.

History of $TN Token

Token was originally created on the Waves platform and called TurtleNode (TN), Waves Platform code was forked, and the Turtle Network was created using TurtleNetwork (TN) as the underlying asset on the Turtle Network and Turtle DEX.