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BlackTurtle – Weekly Insights – 05/02/2019

BlackTurtle – Weekly Insights – 05/02/2019

How can i help support the Turtle Network today?


  • Certification: Achieve the ‘Turtle Network End User Awareness Certification‘. Pioneers receiving the first 25 successful certifications were rewarded with 101TN each (thanks for community donations), Done
  • Quick Stats for Turtle Network (See below graph);


  • Airdrop: 361↑ wallets currently eligible (>500TN), tracking
  • Nodes: 37↓ Turtle Network nodes online in 11 countries, in-progress
  • TestNet: v0.15.1 installed in TestNet (Activate Feature 4 ‘Smart Accounts’ and v2 tx’s), final scripting checks, in-progress
  • TurtleShell: Web wallet plugin, updated plugin listed in Google Chrome store & active in TestNet, awaiting v2 tx’s in mainnet, in-progress
  • TurtleNodeBot: 85 Total Premium Members, only 28 members on TNetwork, 1509↑ normal members, tracking
  • Brave Rewards: Support BlackTurtle , signup using, tip & auto-contribute free BAT to, Note
  • New Web Wallet: Pending v2 tx’s on mainnet, “community shoutout” Angular and React dev skills required to assist, pending
  • Gateway: Afin ERC20 GW testing finalized, finalizing backend, in-progress
  • Website Analytics( 262↑ users in 417↑ sessions in the last 7 days, 745↑ active users in 1.4k↑ sessions in the last 28 days, tracking
  • Exchange: confirmed inclusion of TurtleNetwork (TN) token, delayed/pending to Feb
  • Exchange: confirmed inclusion of TurtleNetwork (TN) token, delayed/pending -no updated listing date
  • Exchange:, didn’t win the voting, potentially list TN, under review
  • NATA ICO refunds: ICO fortunately escrowed by Mr. Turtle, he will proceed to refund original investors whom are able to verify their funding wallets. Refund Process: Either pm MrTurtle in Telegram or email, provide the tx id’s of ICO NATA purchases. After verification he will reply with the wallet to send the NATA towards then process refund.
    Note: 17 accounts still lease to NATA, please don’t purchase NATA on DEX & stop leasing to NATA node Address: 3Jcz4rj98NUQAgEr3BVXaEvrSBVQ8eHb3F4
  • Scams:Be Aware of Scam domains, pls don’t insert your seed into unknown website URL’s
TurtleCap created as an 'Easy View' for the Main TN Pairs on Turtle Dex id


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