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Node Summary: SuperSistem Node is one of the first nodes on Turtle Network. SuperSistem Node ($SSYS) is also one of the first Projects on TN. You can read more here :
Node Owner: @bulentustbas
Node Alias: supersistem
Node Address: 3JySFi8GBmrZM2hg4wADKx6GTJ6gNoMz2vT
Telegram Group:
Node Token: SuperSistem (SSYS)
Node Website:
Payout Period: Weekly
Fees Distributed: 90% of Fees Distributed.
Other details: SuperSistem Node run by Bulent Ustbas, It has been serving in the field of technology for 20 years. offers free funds. He will also develop various tools for TN and develop projects running on the block chain.


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