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BlackTurtle – Weekly Insights – 20/11/2018

BlackTurtle – Weekly Insights – 20/11/2018

“Turtle Network – Open, Trusted, Secure, Distributed Blockchain Network for Everyone”


  • BCH Gateway Notice: GW still offline, offline from 19:00 GMT 13/11/2018 until fork/longest chain details known & stable, NOTE
  • IDD Airdrop: FTX will be airdropped proportionally to TN holders over 10 weeks, started 4 Oct ’18. 7/10 complete
  • Bounty: Thx for your support, we gained +- 1000 members during this period, 25 639.86 TN in total bounties paid, kudo’s to all, Done
  • Community Support: Please support & utilize the network as much as possible (Use the @TNTippingBot to tip & instant trade, create an Alias instead of remembering a long wallet address), Assist
  • Community ShoutOut: Tutorials & GIF’s: Thanks to @MonjeNoir,@mentalist420,@ganyalf & @LENTR for making some fantastic tutorials, keep them flowing, follow/subscribe to tutorials here, Kudo’s
  • Quick Stats for Turtle Network: (See below graph)

Weekly Insights Turtle Network


  • Airdrop: 328↑ wallets currently eligible (>500TN), in-progress
  • Nodes: 34↓ Turtle Network nodes online in 14 countries, in-progress
  • TurtleNodeBot: 81↑ Total Premium Members, only 23↑ members on TNetwork, 1435↑ normal members, in-progress
  • New Web Wallet: No progress the last week, some missing code constraints, follow progress, in-progress
  • Gateways: Ethereum GW mainnet live, Done
  • Website Analytics( 221↑ users in 274↓ sessions in the last 7 days, 764↓ active users in 1.3k↓ sessions in the last 28 days, Tracking
  • TurtleBountyBot Bounty Bot, bounty finished Nov 12th, Payout Complete
  • Exchange: confirmed inclusion of TurtleNetwork (TN) token, pending post Airdrop
  • Exchange: confirmed inclusion of TurtleNetwork (TN) token, delayed/pending post exchange launch 1/12/18
  • TNTippingBot: New feature added ‘Instant Trades’ using the ‘/tntrade‘ command. Buy or Sell at market price against $TN using the bot. e.g. ‘/tntrade buy 1.0 TN‘ or ‘/tntrade sell 1.0 TN‘, Done
  • Scams:Be Aware of Scam domains, pls don’t insert your seed into unknown website URL’s” – Please assist in reporting any scam/phishing domains on Turtle Network to; in-progress (2/5 domains taken-down)
    1: Report all urls to
    2: Report all domains via email to
    3: Report all domains via email to
    4: Report all domains to
    5: Report all domains via email to
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