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BlackTurtle – Weekly Update – 30/10/2018

BlackTurtle – Weekly Update – 30/10/2018

“We offer innovative products & solutions that are beneficial to all $TN hodlers.”


  • Nodes: Node owners have voted (APPROVED) ‘Feature 7 (Fee Sponsorship)’, activation tbc
  • Gateway Services: Prices reduced for a period, Done
  • New Tickers: New tickers include ‘Viral Reward Token’ ‘VIR’, ‘SCommunity’ ‘SCOM’ & ‘DIUTO TOKEN’ ‘DUT’, Done
  • IDD Airdrop: FTX will be airdropped proportionally to TN holders over 10 weeks, started 4 Oct ’18. 4/10 complete
  • Bounty: @TurtleBountyBot setup to reward members for directly supporting the growth of Turtle Network, in-progress
  • Quick Stats for Turtle Network: (See below graph)

Weekly Turtle Update


  • Airdrop: 305↑ wallets currently eligible (>500TN), in-progress
  • Nodes: 35↑ Turtle Network nodes online in 14 countries, in-progress
  • TestNet: Feature 7 (Fee Sponsorship), approved, in-progress
  • TurtleNodeBot: 78↓ Total Premium Members, only 20↑ members on TNetwork, in-progress
  • New Web Wallet: work-in-progress, follow progress, in-progress
  • Gateways: Ethereum testnet phase, in-progress
  • WhitePaper: WP 2.0 currently in draft/under review, 98% complete & community review pending, in-progress
  • Website Analytics( 261↓ users in 388↑ sessions in the last 7 days, 914↑ active users in 1.6k↑ sessions in the last 28 days, tracking
  • TurtleBountyBot Bounty active, please invite friends, bounty in-progress
  • Gateway Services: Prices reduced, Option 1: Fully-Managed: Cost: 3.8k Euro once-off, renewable every 12 months. (lowered cost from 8k), Option 2: Self-Managed: Cost: 1k Euro once-off, 350 p/h ad-hoc costs. (lowered cost from 4k), also Removed SLA penalty costing & increased SLA times from Self-Managed, Done
  • Exchange: confirmed inclusion of TurtleNetwork (TN) token, pending
  • Exchange: confirmed inclusion of TurtleNetwork (TN) token, pending post exchange launch
  • Ticker Assignment Policy update: Done
    • NOTE: Asset or Ticker with ‘TN’ included in the name, only reserved for Official TN related projects & will NOT be accepted during ticker verification. That also includes any BlackTurtle related branding (TurtleNode, TurtleNetwork, BlackTurtleNode, TurtleNodeBot, TNTippingBot, Turtle) etc.
    • NOTE: Ticker needs to be unique & not listed on &
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