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BlackTurtle – Weekly Update – 18/09/2018

BlackTurtle – Weekly Update – 18/09/2018


  • New Node Support: Offered 5000 TN each to new nodes online, 5/5 winners & thx for the huge support!
  • ICOClutch: 1423 TN Donated, L1 Verification achieved & have earned a front page spotlight feature.
  • WordPress Payment Plugin: TurtleNetwork (TN) has been officially listed on
  • Quick Stats for Turtle Network: (See below graph)

Turtle Network weekly


  • Nodes: 29 Turtle Network nodes online in 12↑ countries(+26%), in-progress
  • TestNet: Feature 7 (Fee Sponsorship) reviewing testing & testers required, in-progress
  • TurtleNodeBot: 97↑ Total Premium Members, only 21↑ members on TNetwork, in-progress
  • TurtleNodeBot: Minor updates, added more linkings inside tx and improved the old linkings, Done
  • New Web Wallet: development started, follow progress here, in-progress
  • Website Analytics( 205↑ users in 346↑ sessions in the last 7 days, 635↓ active users last 28 days, tracking

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