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BlackTurtle – Weekly Update – 11/09/2018

BlackTurtle – Weekly Update – 11/09/2018


  • New Node Support: Offering 5000 TN each to the next 5 new nodes online before 12/09/18, 1 winner already, who will be next?
  • Code Snippets: For all the beginner coders out there, code snippets section on github setup to assist, please share your code contributions too.
  • Quick Stats for Turtle Network: (See below Graph)

black turtle weekly update


  • Nodes: 23 Turtle Network nodes online in 10 countries(+4.5%), in-progress
  • Nodes: MainNet Upgrade to v0.13.6, 23/23 completed, Done
  • Fairpos, activated on MainNet, Done
  • TurtleNodeBot: 95 Total Premium Members, only 17↑ members on TNetwork, in-progress
  • New Web Wallet: development started, api upgraded as a wallet requirement, in-progress
  • API: New API implemented,, Done
  • Website Analytics( 171↓ users in 249↓ sessions int the last 7 days, 639↓ active users last 28 days, tracking

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