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BlackTurtle – Weekly Update – 15/08/2018

BlackTurtle – Weekly Update – 15/08/2018

Quick Stats on Turtle Network growth:901 (+1.92%inc) Wallets with > 1TN. Daily transactions =6256(+18.94%) Av Tx’s/pd the last seven days. (See Graph below)
The TNTippingBot is a key product in gaining more exposure for Turtle Network & more transactions on the network, please support this growth initiative & actively use the bot in our Telegram community & others.
Note: Node owners, please upgrade to v0.13.6 (added Fairpos (8), blacklist nodes on 0.10x versions, config changes: feature check threshold higher and acceptance from new feature longer & increases the threshold for the voting, currently its 50% will increase to 80%)

Nodes: 22 Turtle Network nodes online in 10 countries(-4%), in-progress
Nodes: MainNet Upgrade to v0.13.6, 11/22 in-progress
Test Network: Reward system under-review / on-hold
Test Network: Fairpos active on testnet, all control checks passed, Done
TNTippingBot: Tippingbot => twitter api key requested, in-progress
SEO: SEO improvement – Keyword ranking in Google; turtle network (position 6), in-progress
New Gateway: BCH node synced, built and tb tested, in-progress
New Gateway: Dogecoin node synced, built and tb tested, in-progress

Web Links;
TN Gateway:
LTC Gateway:
Waves Gateway:
BTC Gateway:
Dash Gateway:
Wagerr Gateway:
Syscoin Gateway:
Github Wiki:
Android App:
Ticker Assignment for DEX & Mobile App:

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  1. Aragonnnn 11 months ago

    Great growing.

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