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BlackTurtle – Weekly Update – 03/07/2018

BlackTurtle – Weekly Update – 03/07/2018

Quick Stats on growth: 545(9.4%inc) Wallets with > 1TN. Daily transactions = 5645(4%inc) Av Tx’s/pd for the last seven days.
As the community is the strength of BlackTurtle, we humbly ask all to assist with bringing more people to Turtle Network (Follow & like Social Media posts, get friends into the Telegram group, tip with the TNTippingBot, utilize Gateways, use & rate the Android mobile App etc) = Thumbs Up 🙂

Nodes: 24 Turtle Network nodes online in 9 countries, (-7% Inc) in-progress
Test Network: Reward system under-review, testnet nodes tb updated soon, in-progress
Mobile App: Android App (Beta), working on leasing,  in-progress
Market: Turtle DEX added to Livecoinwatch – done
Gateway: New Syscoin Gateway, testing in-progress
Bounty: Final stages of due diligence in-progress, then distribution tb finalized this week, in-progress
Q&A: Some insights into ‘Mr Turtle’done
Scammer: 2 domains shutdown, both within 24hrs & more to follow, asset creation limits set to mitigate, thx for the support & understanding – done

Web Links;
TN Gateway:
LTC Gateway:
Waves Gateway:
BTC Gateway:
Dash Gateway:
Wagerr Gateway:
Github Wiki:
Android App (New):
Asset Issuers Note: Verify Asset for DEX & Mobile App:


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