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Mr Turtle Q&A with Korean community at ICOTIME

Mr Turtle Q&A with Korean community at ICOTIME

Hello everyone!

I am Mr. Turtle. I am a 21 year old IT enthusiast and founder of TurtleNode. We started as a Waves node, BlackTurtleNode, and are now expanding as our own network, Turtle Network.

1. What is TurtleNode?

TurtleNode is a project that has its roots as a Waves node. We started building it as initiative for leasing toward BlackTurtleNode. But soon we grew and expanded, first into tools now into a network.

2. It seems like Turtle Network has an exchange… does it?

Turtle Network with fuel $TN has a built-in DEX (Decentralized Exchange). That’s correct. Each asset is tradeable in a fast and secure way.

3. I understand that Turtle Network forked Waves. Why forked Waves over other exchanges?
We love waves tech, Waves is one of the best techs in the world, it can handle many transactions per second (TPS). And it’s so much more than an exchange but we liked to build our own community and (add) our own personal touch about it. We want to focus on the community’s around the tech and build a nice ecosystem.

4. It seems that Turtle Network does more than an exchange… if an exchange is built-in, what are other roles of Turtle Network? (of course, DEX is one of them).

You can pay with it to create your own asset. You can use it to do fast transactions all over the world. $TN is the fuel for the whole ecosystem and the services around it.

5. I believe Turtle Network can be different from Waves and offer people other options.

$TN aim is to be a lot different than Waves in terms of mainstream (adoption) and community. We want to keep a close relationship with all members of the community.

We are also setting up some frameworks for all project to benefit from being on Turtle Network in the future. We are now building the base for a great platform, for everyone.

We are also (legally) located in Europe.

6. It looks like Turtle Network is same as Waves. What are Turtle Network’s pros and cons?

We are very close with our community, I am always open for any chat. We are also located in Europe where Waves Is located in Russia. We are setting up our own independent team to tackle different aspect of the eco-system. For us customer service is the number 1 important aspect.

We are a freshly started network, with a lot of potential, we learned from other projects, their mistakes and can make sure we don’t (repeat) them. That’s also one of the reasons we will never make another currency to reward miners for example. Everything happens in $TN.

7. Is there an ICO in progress through the Turtle Network or is there a company trying to do it?

Versus ( and FortuneX ( are planning to run one of the first projects. They are running a bounty campaign (now). I have also heard about other projects which I can’t reveal the names yet.

8. Do you plan a “incubator-section” for devs and projects? can we help with votes to get listed on exchanges? will there be an “TNcommunityToken” for holders/miners to have vote/airdrops…

We are surely planning to set up some incubator project to support new projects. We will also check basic information about those.

Regarding exchanges currently our first aim will be to apply to a bunch of Korean exchanges and some Indonesian ones. We get a lot of support from Indonesia.

No there won’t be a TNcommunity token, we only use 1 currency, and $TN (is) the main currency.

9. You mentioned ‘ecosystem’ in addition to an exchange above, what does this ecosystem consist of? If there’s an idea around how the community is going to be built?

We are aiming to setup a framework. We already support new projects with advice, and free promotion on BlackTurtle Telegram channel Also, always feel free to tag me on Twitter. In the future we will have a bunch of requirements that projects needs to comply with however, this (is) to protect the ecosystem and everything around.

BlackTurtle also offers development services for everything you need and (we) are always eager to support the dev teams from any projects in building a solution for Turtle Network.

10. Is the characteristic of $TN token almost same as Kyber? I understand that Kyber token is being used to pay fees within their DEX, but DEX volume is low and it leads to low burn rate and less benefit to holders. Same goes for Kyber price… I wonder how holders would be benefited from their contribution.

$TN will also be used to pay for services around and outside Turtle Network. However, we don’t burn any $TN. To bring liquidity to the DEX we are working on gateways, and will soon be playing with Atomic Swaps.

$TN is used to also pay for the creation of (an) asset or to do transfers to other people. $TN is not (only) a DEX but also a wallet for every native $TN currency (as well as other Cryptocurrencies like $WGR $BTC $DASH $LTC).

11. Why should people use Turtle Network over Waves?

There can be a few advantages to use Turtle Network above Waves.

We will be a totally different ecosystem. We are located on a totally different location in the world. And our aim is to give each project support and help it grow where waves is more aiming to have a global solution, we aim to have a solution for each project that needs our support.

I don’t think however crypto should be a “best-better” battle, but a common goal, to let tech evolve and improve life for everyone, everywhere.

12. You can make your own coins/assets on Turtle Network and it is also one of the few blockchains that can send and receive money in under 30 seconds. Given its superior technology, do you see Turtle Network in Coin Market Cap top 100 coins in near future? If yes, what steps will be taken to reach this goal?

We can do transfers within a few seconds and this is correct. However current markets are mainly focused on hype. However, I strongly believe $TN at current rates is very cheap, my aim is not to reach some goal money wise. I love the community and the appreciation, the teamwork and community are worth (much, much) more in terms of appreciation then some number on CMC. But to come back to (your) question, we will soon apply to a bunch of Korean exchanges.

And I would like to add a quote I once said about $TN and the price.

“I never promised anyone moon or something, I just used my skill the best I can every day. From day 1 the White Paper didn’t have any fancy buzzwords, I just did my thing, we grew (and) improved, and are (constantly) growing and improving every day.

I believe we just started.”

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