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Turtle Network – Weekly Update – 21/05/2018

Turtle Network – Weekly Update – 21/05/2018

One more Node is required to reach our 1st milestone target of 20 nodes. LPOS tutorial added for Node operators, thx to frigobar & Sunchaser. Also note the Pywaves additon of TN Balances, thx @G1zm0nl. Thanks to all for assisting and supporting.

Nodes: 19 Turtle Network nodes online – (11% Inc) in-progress
Gateway: Wagerr to Turtle Network Gateway – in-progress
Gateway: Dash to Turtle Network Gateway – done
New Website:
– TN faucet added for Turtle Network, Show command now shows Turtle Network addresses. New algorithm implemented for TurtleNodeBot, it scans each block for transactions, this making it independent from waves datafeed.
– The faucet will improve tx in the network. Every premium holder can use this faucet, if they don’t have a tn wallet , the tx wll happen to itself, if they do have one, the tx will be send to the added TN wallet.
GatewayFramework: Making changes to show more information. Note: Secure Ledger hardware storage used for the gateways – in-progress
Mr Turtle’s Nodes: Turned down both TurtleNetwork nodes as forging nodes. The nodes stay up and running. But this means Mr Turtle won’t receive any tx fees anymore. So more tx fees for the supporters.

Web Links;
TN Gateway:
LTC Gateway:
Waves Gateway:
BTC Gateway:
Dash Gateway:
Github Wiki:
Github: (New)


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