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Turtle Network – Weekly Update – 14/05/2018

Turtle Network – Weekly Update – 14/05/2018

Branding, some changes have occured for the brand ‘BlackTurtle’. More Nodes are still required, our 1st milestone target is 20 nodes, pls could the community assist & spread the message further. BTC Gateway was added & making good progress with improving Gateway frameworks, an experimental piece of library turned out to make every gateway a lot more stable. Also note the Pywaves URL updates and improvements – thx @G1zm0nl.

Branding Changes;
Brand: Aligned the overall brand to ‘BlackTurtle’
Mr Turtle: Bram’s Telegram profile name changed to ‘Mr Turtle’
BlackTurtleNode: Node for Waves network, name changed from turtlenode.
New website: New Url & website – (WIP)
Council: Changed to ‘BlackTurtle Advisors’
Telegram: Url updated to
Facebook: Url updated to
Reddit: New page setup
YouTube: Channel name changed to ‘BlackTurtle’

Nodes: 17 Turtle Network nodes online – (6% Inc) in-progress
Gateway: BTC to Turtle Network Gateway – done
Gateway: Wagerr to Turtle Network Gateway – in-progress
Gateway: Dash to Turtle Network Gateway – in-progress
Coinlib listing –
New Website: New website & url – in-progress
TurtleNodeBot: Started updating to add inline links inside tx messages – in-progress
-Testing new block read algorithm for the bot and it’s tx to be independant from waves on Turtle Network.
-Added basic Turtle Network support. “/add turtlenetworkaddrhere”
Faucet: First faucet available for Turtle Network build by Mr Turtle for Hellenic Node:

Web Links;
TN Gateway:
LTC Gateway:
Waves Gateway:
BTC Gateway:
Statistics:(URL Change)


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